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More updates on BBC2 documentary "Unvaccinated"

Following previous reports here and here, I have produced a video which looks at the large representative ICM survey that was commissioned for the programme.

Contrary to the BBC claim that only 8% of the UK adult population is unvaccinated (based on the ONS data), in the survey the proportion was 26%. The video looks at the full survey data and shows that it is very highly representative of the UK adult population in every respect against ONS population data - except mysteriously the proportion unvaccinated which is completely different. I'd love to know how the BBC and ONS explain that.

Here is a short video (with massive simplifying assumptions) showing why it is so important to have an accruate estimate of the proportion of unvaccinated when it comes to assessing vaccine efficacy and safety. Using a proportion of 8% when it is really over 20% means any claims of vaccine efficacy and safety are massively exaggerated.

This video from PennyDrop Films highlights yet more problems with the documentary. Note especially the claim about the fake NHS consent form pushing 'absolute nonsense':

Further revealing insights by Iain Davis into the undisclosed conflicts of interest in the documentary:

Incidentally, this is the warning you get if you try to access the article from twitter …

Interview with Maajid Nawaz (90 minutes) Radical Episode 15 "On Responding to the BBC's Propaganda Documentary "Unvaxxed" 31 July 2022 (start with my interview followed by interviews with Nazarin Veronica and Vicky Borman and then me answering questions from Vicky and Nazarin.

Here is an edited version of my live interview with Sonia Poulton about the impact of flawed mathematical models on 'misinformation'

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It looks like Pfizer is funding Fact-checker Will Moy spoke directly to the participants of the BBC’s vaccine propaganda show. Moy is the founder and CEO of the online fact checking service Full Fact.

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