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Sony Vegas Pro Can’t Open H.264 Files- Any Quick Fix

Important update 2020-03-22: I found another way to quickly remux MKV to MP4 using OBS Studio. This is a free and open source app intended mostly for video recording and streaming. The feature we need can be found in menu File > Remux Recordings.

Sony Vegas Pro Can’t Open H.264 Files- Any Quick Fix


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Q3: How to fix Sony Vegas .AVI No Sound Problem?From recently I'm using Vegas Pro 12, but when I put a recorded Fraps .avi video in program audio not working in sony vegas. How to fix this problem, but I don't want to convert video to another format. Is there any solution?

"I decided to give a trial a shot of adobe premiere pro, I have never used it before (coming from sony vegas). But it won't import any of my h265 files that were recorded from my drone footage (DJI). These are the raw files from the drone, have not been transcoded or touched. When I try to import them it says "unsuported format or damaged file". I can import h264 recorded footage from the same drone without issue. Any ideas?"


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