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Arena Breakout Chinese Version APK: How to Install and Play the Next-Gen Immersive Tactical FPS Game

Arena Breakout: A Next-Gen Immersive Tactical FPS on Mobile

If you are looking for a hardcore survival shooter game that pushes the limits of war simulation on mobile, then you should check out Arena Breakout. Developed by Morefun Studios and published by Tencent Games, Arena Breakout is a first-of-its-kind extraction looter shooter that lets you shoot, loot, and breakout to win. In this game, you will take control of a virtual soldier in a large open map scene that can carry different weapons to counter the obstruction of enemies played by artificial intelligence. Your goal is to escape the combat area alive with as much loot as possible, but be prepared to fight for survival.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Arena Breakout, including how to download and play the Chinese version of the game, what are the game features, what are some tips and tricks to dominate the arena, and what are our thoughts on the game after playing it. So without further ado, let's get started.

arena breakout chinese version apk

How to Download and Play the Chinese Version of Arena Breakout

As of now, Arena Breakout is only available in China, where it was first unveiled at ChinaJoy in 2021. The game went live on July 13th, 2022, but it is still only accessible to Chinese users. However, if you are eager to try out this game before it releases globally, there is a way to download and play the Chinese version of Arena Breakout using the following steps:

  • Visit the of Arena Breakout and scan the QR code with your phone. This will take you to a download page where you can get the APK file of the game.

  • Install the APK file on your phone and grant the necessary permissions. The game size is about 3 GB, so make sure you have enough storage space.

  • Log in with your QQ or WeChat account. If you don't have one, you can create one online for free. You will need a phone number to verify your account.

  • Start playing Arena Breakout and enjoy the game. You can change the language settings to English in the game menu, but some parts of the game may still be in Chinese.

That's it. You have successfully downloaded and played the Chinese version of Arena Breakout. However, keep in mind that this version may not be stable or compatible with your device, and you may encounter some bugs or errors. Also, you may face some latency issues or communication barriers with other players. Therefore, we recommend that you wait for the global release of the game, which is expected to happen sometime in 2023.

Arena Breakout Game Features

Arena Breakout is not your typical mobile shooter game. It is a unique and innovative game that combines elements of survival, looting, and extraction in a realistic and immersive war simulation. Here are some of the game features that make Arena Breakout stand out from the crowd:

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Realistic Gunplay: Customize your firearms with over 700 gun parts and experience realistic recoil and bullet physics

One of the most impressive aspects of Arena Breakout is the realistic gunplay. The game boasts a rich and diverse arsenal of firearms, ranging from pistols, rifles, shotguns, snipers, to machine guns. You can customize your weapons with over 700 gun parts, such as barrels, scopes, magazines, grips, stocks, and more. Each part affects the performance and appearance of your weapon, giving you endless possibilities to create your own unique firearm.

Moreover, the game features realistic recoil and bullet physics, meaning that you have to account for factors such as distance, wind, gravity, and bullet drop when shooting. You also have to manage your ammo and reload manually, adding more challenge and thrill to the gunfights. The game also supports different shooting modes, such as first-person view (FPV), third-person view (TPV), and shoulder view (SV), giving you more options and flexibility to suit your preference.

Shoot and Loot: Scavenge for weapons, attachments, and supplies in a large open map and fight for survival

Arena Breakout is not just about shooting. It is also about looting. The game takes place in a large open map scene that can accommodate up to 100 players per match. The map is divided into different zones with different levels of difficulty and loot quality. You can explore the map freely and scavenge for weapons, attachments, and supplies that are scattered around the environment. You can also loot from dead enemies or other players.

However, looting is not without risk. The map is also populated by various enemies played by artificial intelligence (AI), such as soldiers, mercenaries, bandits, zombies, and more. These enemies will attack you on sight or ambush you from hiding places. You have to fight them off or avoid them if you want to survive. You also have to watch out for other players who may try to kill you and take your loot.

Breakout for the Win: Escape the combat area alive with your loot and claim the rewards

The ultimate goal of Arena Breakout is to escape the combat area alive with your loot. To do this, you have to find an extraction point on the map and call for a helicopter or a vehicle to pick you up. However, this is easier said than done. Extraction points are limited and contested by other players who want to breakout as well. You have to fight your way through enemies and rivals to secure an extraction point and defend it until your ride arrives.

If you manage to breakout successfully, you will be rewarded with experience points (XP), currency (CR), and loot boxes that contain random items such as weapons, attachments, skins, outfits, and more. You can use these rewards to upgrade your character level, buy new weapons and parts, customize your appearance, and unlock new features.

Win or Lose It All: Risk your loot for higher stakes and rewards, but be prepared to lose everything if you fail

Arena Breakout is not for the faint-hearted. It is a high-risk high-reward game that tests your skills and nerves. The game features a unique loot system that allows you to risk your loot for higher stakes and rewards. You can choose to enter a match with your own loot or use the default loot provided by the game. If you enter with your own loot, you will have an advantage over other players who use the default loot, but you will also risk losing everything if you die or fail to breakout.

This adds more tension and excitement to the game as you have to decide whether to play it safe or go all-in. You also have to weigh the pros and cons of looting more or less, as more loot means more rewards but also more weight and risk. You also have to be careful of other players who may try to loot you or betray you.

Arena Breakout Game Tips and Tricks

Arena Breakout is a challenging and complex game that requires strategy, skill, and teamwork to succeed. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your gameplay and increase your chances of winning:

Building the Right Team Composition: Choose your heroes wisely and coordinate with your teammates

Arena Breakout is not a solo game. It is a team-based game that requires cooperation and coordination with your teammates. The game features a variety of heroes, each with their own unique abilities and roles. You can choose from four classes: Assault, Support, Recon, and Specialist. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, and can complement each other in different situations.

For example, Assault heroes are good at dealing damage and taking hits, Support heroes are good at healing and buffing allies, Recon heroes are good at scouting and marking enemies, and Specialist heroes are good at hacking and sabotaging enemies. You should choose your hero based on your playstyle, your team's needs, and the map's conditions. You should also communicate with your teammates and coordinate your actions and strategies.

Gameplay Tactics: Use stealth, cover, and movement to gain an advantage over your enemies

Arena Breakout is not a run-and-gun game. It is a tactical game that requires stealth, cover, and movement to gain an advantage over your enemies. The game features a realistic combat system that makes you vulnerable to damage and death. You have to be careful of your surroundings and use the environment to your favor.


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