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The Secrets Behind the Making of Netflix's Wednesday Addams Series

Wednesday Addams: The Iconic Goth Girl of Pop Culture

If you are a fan of horror, comedy, or both, you have probably heard of the Addams Family, a fictional household of eccentric and macabre characters created by cartoonist Charles Addams. Among them, one of the most recognizable and beloved is Wednesday Addams, the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams, and the sister of Pugsley Addams. Wednesday is a goth girl who loves all things dark, creepy, and spooky, and often expresses her morbid curiosity and sarcasm in hilarious ways. She has been portrayed by various actresses in different media over the years, and has become a pop culture icon and an inspiration for many people who identify with her style, attitude, and interests. In this article, we will explore who Wednesday Addams is, how she has been depicted in different media, and why she is so popular and influential.

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Who is Wednesday Addams?

Wednesday Addams is a fictional character from the Addams Family multimedia franchise created by American cartoonist Charles Addams. She is typically portrayed as a morbid and emotionally reserved child that is fascinated by the macabre, often identified by her pale skin and black pigtails.

The origin of the character

Addams Family members were unnamed in The New Yorker cartoons that first appeared in 1938. The character that would later be known as Wednesday Addams first appeared in the August 26th, 1944 issue of The New Yorker in an illustration captioned, "Well, don't come whining to me. Go tell him you'll poison him right back." When the characters were adapted for the 1964 television series, Charles Addams named Wednesday based on the Monday's Child nursery rhyme line: "Wednesday's child is full of woe". Actress and poet Joan Blake, an acquaintance of Charles Addams, offered the idea for the name.

The appearance and personality of the character

Wednesday Addams is a typically young girl (in the original series, she is about six, in the two original movies and animated movies, she is 13, in the Netflix series, she is 15 and 16, and is 18 in the Addams Family musical) who is obsessed with death and is described as very brilliant, with a penchant for doing odd scientific experiments. She usually wears a black dress with a white collar and cuffs, black stockings, black shoes, and sometimes a black bow on her head. She has long black hair that she styles in two braids or pigtails. She rarely smiles or shows emotion, except when she is amused by something gruesome or sadistic. She speaks in a monotone voice and often uses dry humor and irony to express her opinions. She enjoys playing with dangerous weapons and torture devices, such as knives, crossbows, guillotines, electric chairs, etc. She also likes to collect dead animals and insects, make voodoo dolls of her enemies, read books about murder and mayhem, watch horror movies, and perform rituals involving blood and fire. She has a close bond with her brother Pugsley, whom she often tries to kill or harm as part of their games. She also loves her parents Gomez and Morticia, who encourage her dark interests and support her individuality. She respects her uncle Fester, who shares her fascination with explosives and electricity. She tolerates her grandmother Grandmama, who is a witch and a cook. She dislikes her cousin Itt, who is a hairy creature that speaks in gibberish. She is wary of her butler Lurch, who is a Frankenstein-like giant that grunts and groans. She is fond of her pet octopus Aristotle and her pet spider Homer. She also has a close relationship with her hand-shaped friend Thing, who often helps her with her schemes and pranks.

The family and friends of the character

Wednesday Addams belongs to the Addams Family, a wealthy and eccentric clan that lives in a gloomy mansion surrounded by a graveyard and a swamp. The Addams Family is oblivious to the fact that they are considered strange and frightening by the rest of the world, and they enjoy their unconventional lifestyle and hobbies. They are loyal and loving to each other, and they value honesty, integrity, and family above all else. They also have a sense of humor and fun, often celebrating holidays and occasions with their own twisted twist. The Addams Family motto is "Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc", which means "We gladly feast on those who would subdue us".

Wednesday Addams has few friends outside her family, as she tends to scare away or alienate most people with her dark demeanor and interests. However, she does have some notable acquaintances and allies, such as:

  • Joel Glicker, a nerdy and allergic boy who becomes her love interest in the 1993 film Addams Family Values. He is initially terrified of her, but later admires her courage and intelligence. He also helps her stop the evil nanny Debbie Jellinsky from killing her uncle Fester.

  • Amanda Buckman, a snobby and spoiled girl who is Wednesday's rival in the summer camp in Addams Family Values. She constantly mocks and insults Wednesday for being different and weird, but Wednesday gets her revenge by setting the camp on fire and sending Amanda flying on a catapult.

  • Parker Needler, a rebellious and gothic girl who becomes Wednesday's friend in the 2019 animated film The Addams Family. She is unhappy with her life in the suburban town of Assimilation, where everyone is expected to conform to the same standards of beauty and behavior. She bonds with Wednesday over their shared love of horror and mischief, and helps her expose the evil plans of Margaux Needler, Parker's mother and the town's reality TV host.

  • Roderick Sloan, a mysterious and handsome boy who becomes Wednesday's love interest in the 2022 Netflix series Wednesday. He is a student at Nevermore Academy, a prestigious boarding school for peculiar children where Wednesday enrolls to master her psychic abilities. He is also the son of a local sheriff who is investigating a series of supernatural murders that may be connected to Wednesday.

How has Wednesday Addams been portrayed in different media?

Wednesday Addams has appeared in various media adaptations of the Addams Family franchise over the years, each with their own interpretation and portrayal of the character. Here are some of the most notable ones:

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The original TV series (1964-1966)

The first live-action adaptation of the Addams Family was a black-and-white sitcom that aired on ABC from 1964 to 1966. It starred Lisa Loring as Wednesday Addams, who was about six years old in this version. She was depicted as a sweet and innocent girl who loved playing with her brother Pugsley and her pet spider Homer. She also enjoyed dancing ballet, playing the violin, reciting poetry, and making lemonade (with poison). She was curious about the normal world, but often misunderstood its customs and norms. She was loyal to her family, but sometimes clashed with her mother Morticia over her appearance and behavior.

The animated series (1972-1974, 1992-1993)

The first animated adaptation of the Addams Family was a Saturday morning cartoon that aired on NBC from 1972 to 1974. It featured Cindy Henderson as the voice of Wednesday Addams, who was slightly older than in the original series. She was shown as a more adventurous and mischievous girl who liked to explore new places and meet new people with her family. She also had more supernatural abilities, such as levitating objects with her mind and summoning storms with her mood.

The second animated adaptation of the Addams Family was another Saturday morning cartoon that aired on ABC from 1992 to 1993. It featured Debi Derryberry as the voice of Wednesday Addams, who was about 13 years old in this version. She was portrayed as a more cynical and sarcastic girl who often clashed with her brother Pugsley and her cousin Itt. She also had a pet octopus named Aristotle and a pet vulture named Vendetta. She was more interested in science and technology than magic and superstition, and often used her inventions to cause trouble or solve problems.

The feature films (1991, 1993)

The first live-action film adaptation of the Addams Family was a comedy film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and released in 199


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