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How To Enable Windows Sandbox In VMware Workstation

Update (2/25/20): An alert reader knew about a way to create a configuration file that would allow all new Windows Sandbox VMs to be configured on the fly with folders shared between the host and the guest VM (where you can store your forensic tools), startup scripts, and other startup configuration changes: -kernel-internals/windows-sandbox-config-files/ba-p/354902.

How to enable Windows Sandbox in VMware Workstation

Activating the sandbox in Windows 10 is very easy and does not require complicated steps. First, make sure your device supports hardware virtualization, and that feature is enabled in the BIOS or UEFI.

Since its early days, Workstation has given testers the ability to test one or two reasonably sized VMs on the desktop. The focus has since shifted from type 2 hypervisors, which are built on an OS, to type 1 bare-metal hypervisors, which fit larger scale virtualization. IT administrators now use Workstation to create a VMware sandbox that enables them to cheaply test VMs on the desktop.


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