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YouTube censors my presentation to Doctors for Patients UK

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

23 Sept Update: After my successful appeal they decided to remove it yet again. See details at the bottom of this article.

17 Sept Update: After I appealed YouTube's decision to remove this trailer video (and give me a strike), it has now been reinstated after a manual review deemed it to be fine. They have also removed the ban on me posting new material (so I assume the strike has also been removed).

Yesterday I gave a 30 minute presentation to Doctors for Patients. As I had recorded my own version I posted it to YouTube - but got an immediate warning and, to avoid another strike, I decided to delete it and post it to bitchute and rumble. But I made a 3-minute trailer version which contained nothing other than material from government sources and the mainstream media - nothing contraversial. I still got a warning - but only that it would be de-monitized pending review and may be subject to some restrictions.

Within just 20 minutes of posting the trailer (by which time it had already had a few hundred views and quite a few comments) YouTube removed the video and sent me this email with a strike**:

Anyway here is the trailer on bitchute

and the full version:

**As it so happens I have had two previous videos removed with strikes but in both cases I appealed and got the strikes removed (although the videos remained deleted).

23 Sept Update Details: After my successful appeal (when they said a manual review found the vidoe to be fine) they decided to remove it yet again. Here is the message I got:

So I put in another appeal. Within less than an hour I got this message back:

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