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YouTube censors my presentation to Doctors for Patients UK

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

23 Sept Update: After my successful appeal they decided to remove it yet again. See details at the bottom of this article.

17 Sept Update: After I appealed YouTube's decision to remove this trailer video (and give me a strike), it has now been reinstated after a manual review deemed it to be fine. They have also removed the ban on me posting new material (so I assume the strike has also been removed).

Yesterday I gave a 30 minute presentation to Doctors for Patients. As I had recorded my own version I posted it to YouTube - but got an immediate warning and, to avoid another strike, I decided to delete it and post it to bitchute and rumble. But I made a 3-minute trailer version which contained nothing other than material from government sources and the mainstream media - nothing contraversial. I still got a warning - but only that it would be de-monitized pending review and may be subject to some restrictions.

Within just 20 minutes of posting the trailer (by which time it had already had a few hundred views and quite a few comments) YouTube removed the video and sent me this email with a strike**:

Anyway here is the trailer on bitchute

and the full version:

**As it so happens I have had two previous videos removed with strikes but in both cases I appealed and got the strikes removed (although the videos remained deleted).

23 Sept Update Details: After my successful appeal (when they said a manual review found the vidoe to be fine) they decided to remove it yet again. Here is the message I got:

So I put in another appeal. Within less than an hour I got this message back:

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Hello Norman,

I've been following your blog for a while now, and I'm glad to see that there still are some honest people, such as yourself, who are not afraid to come out and speak of the emperor's new clothes.

How did I arrive at your blog in the first place? I've read your BN book (in early 2021 I think) and was interested to see if you or other BN researchers had anything to say about what was going on. I've had similar concerns about the scare campaigns and manipulation via false positives, Simpson's paradox, criteria used for counting cases, use of likelihood ratios without priors, etc. As I've read the book's polemic sections, I found many of them…

Norman Fenton
Norman Fenton
Sep 28, 2022
Replying to


Thanks for your comments. The BN book (second edition) was written in 2018 before the whole Covid thing and were we to do a 3rd edition then indeed we would show that many of the concerns we raised about statistical illusions & malpractice etc were relevant to the 'official' covid statistics. In fact I have written many papers on this:

David Spiegelhalter has been presenting the 'official narrative' throughout so I knew what to expect in his book. It is a shame that many people (including Eran Segal) who have the capability to look more critically at the 'official' statistics have failed to do so. But it is not surprising since anybody who challenges the 'official' narrative is…


Thanks Norman! You rock! :)


Suzanne Thompson
Suzanne Thompson
Sep 16, 2022

Here’s a question for you, Western Australia did not have community spread of COVID in 2021 due to border closures so business as usual lifestyle within the prison state.. We had a very high vaccination rate, however, what accounts for the excess deaths I wonder? It makes for an interesting case study but ABS are slow releasing details.

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