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The AstraZeneca vaccine is 100% effective..... that this tweet from Jan 2021 is still up and has not been classified as misinformation:

I used it in my recent presentation as an example of the propaganda campaign mounted for the vaxx.

Note that the claim of 100% effective against hospitalisation and death should never have been made then because there wasn't even short term safety data (let alone medium & long term) to support that. Also note that after the 100% claim, Sara Kayat then says

"even the 70% effective figure is a very good statistic"

and then

"which makes it xxx effective"

where xxx sounds like 'hardly' but was presumably supposed to be 'highly'.

The 100% effective against severe covid claim was also made as late as March 2021 in the Times:

Less than 6 months later - after this miraculous British AstraZenica vaxx was given to millions of Brits - it was quietly withdrawn from the UK, as explained in my full presentation starting at 10:20 (the presentation is also available at

While the above clip from This Morning was never labelled as 'misinformation', when I posted this trailer for my presentation last week youtube removed it within 20 mins as 'misinformation' (after appeal it was later reinstarted and my strike removed):

When they eventually reinstated the trailer, of course they still put have this statement directly beneath it.

Incidentally, the full presentation is not on youtube as they rejected it as soon as I tried to upload it.

And a reminder: All claims of effectiveness for any vaxx have a massive built in bias as they are based on classifying a person as 'unvaxxed' within the first 14 days of their vaxx (see here for example).

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Thank you for all your continued work professor. What a sorry state the world is currently in, Shame on all those who remain quiet over the ongoing deceptions and propaganda. Its sad how few have questioned the blatant and ongoing lies and manipulation of data. Heres hoping more wake up...but I’m losing hope month on month.


so sick of the manipulation and idealism

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