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Still 'unknown' safety, efficacy in Pfizer contracts (Slovenia)

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Note that there are 4 different contracts here dated 10 Dec 2020, 4 March 2021, 7 April 2021 and 28 Sept 2021. The documents show the number of doses ordered per month (but the price is redacted). But, note that even the latest of these contracts (dated 28 Sept 2021) contains the following statement in Article 1 (it's on page 17/25 of the scanned document)

"The ...State further acknowledges that the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known"

While that may have been a reasonable statement to include in the December 2020 contract, it is curious that no update at all had been added by the end of September 2021 given all the data on hundreds of millions of doses that had been adminstered by then.

Regarding the Pfizer contract with the UK (which presumably has the same wording) it is very interesting to note that this UK Government report ("Conditions of Authorisation for COVID-19 Vaccine Pfizer/BioNTech (Regulation 174", updated 16 Aug 2022) says:

"Pfizer/BioNTech must provide a regular analysis of safety data based on the MHRA’s specifications relating to booster or supplementary doses"

I assume we are still waiting....

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Paul Sims
Paul Sims
30 oct. 2022

I am writing to the UKHSA to see if it is the public interest to release the Uk contracts


I note that these are the Purchase Agreements which contractually tie in with the Advance Purchase Agreement, dated 20th November 2020 and that the terms of the Advance Purchase Agreement take precedence over the Purchase Agreement (Vaccine Order Form) where there is any conflict. [Article 1.1, page 2]. We need to see the original Advance Purchase Agreement because I'm pretty sure that's how they are getting away with still declaring that the vaccine efficacy and long term effects are unknown whilst the 'emergency use' provision remains in force. This is one huge con.


23 oct. 2022

The Lancet reported that AstraZeneca was 1.5% effective at stopping Covid and Pfizer 0.84% effective, meaning in the case of Covid & Pfizer, Covid was 99.16% effective in infecting you. All of the other vaccines fall within this range of efficiency and the Novavax uses H1N1 formula, which was used to stop The Spanish Flu after WW1 (1918) and everyone who had it later died. Those who did not, survived, which tells you what?

100% effective free treatment: Mix one heaped teaspoon of salt in a mug of warm water, cup a hand and sniff or snort the mugful up your nose, in stages. Spit anything which comes down into your mouth, out. Drink a couple of mouthfuls of salt…


Professor, I know this is off topic, but if you were able to contribute any insight into the shocking excess mortality figures reported by ONS every week since early summer, I believe you would be doing a public service.


We know one adverse effect for sure given that GSK is heavily advertising their snake oil treatment for Shingles - they have the nerve to describe exactly how it remains present in the human body but stop short of explaining why they are touting it so heavily....."I wonder why"; could it possibly due to the jabs imprinting the human immune system in such a way as to weaken the defence against the specific Herpes virus. A FoI request to determine their sales pre and post jabbing might be revelatory...

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