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How Wikipedia defames and delegitimizes anybody raising concerns against the WHO narrative on Covid

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

This is a personal story exposing the cesspit that is Wikipedia

How the ‘official’ covid narrative goes unchallenged on Wikipedia

If you look at the Wikipedia entries of any senior scientist, clinician or ‘influencer’ who has talked positively about early covid treatments or who has raised legitimate concerns about the vaccine efficacy or safety, you will discover that they have been delegitimized and labelled as promoters of ‘misinformation’. Their entries have also been heavily edited to downplay their credentials and research record. In many cases there are blatant lies and critical omissions made to frame these people as untrustworthy oddballs.

It turns out that a very small clique of Wikipedia ‘editors’ have been responsible for ensuring that any member of the public looking to Wikipedia for information on the many legitimate concerns about the ‘official’ covid narrative will find nothing other than smears against those raising such concerns. This clique act as ‘gatekeepers’ of the covid narrative, and have free reign to edit these personal pages. Not only do they insert complete lies, but they then delete any attempts to correct the lies and are able to block all attempts by others to provide corrections.

Retired Computer programmer Alex Brown (“Alexbrn”) who has a PhD in English: the ultimate arbiter of the ‘truth’ on Covid-19. This is his own profile picture on twitter

Prominent among this clique of ‘editors’ is Alex Brown (“Alexbrn”) who has a long history of acting as the gatekeeper to all medical knowledge on Wikipedia even though he describes himself as a retired computer programmer with a “PhD in English”. Despite multiple complaints against him over several years - that have been publicly acknowledged by Wikipedia’s owner Jimmy Swales (shown later) - he continues obsessively and unabated and apparently with full approval of Wikimedia’s management. Before providing some examples of his previous obnoxious behaviour, here is the story of how my own Wikipedia entry was hacked by him.

Timeline and details of the hacking of my Wikipedia entry with blatant lies and defamation

While I was fully aware of Wikipedia’s delegitimization of well-known and well qualified physicians like Robert Malone and Peter McCullough, I never imagined that I would be considered a sufficiently big threat to the ‘safe and effective’ vaccine narrative that they would also feel the need to come after me.

Before July 2022 I had not looked at my Wikipedia entry for a long time, and I understand that until recently it had no mention of covid-19. However, in early July 2022, shortly before I was due to give expert evidence about the statistics of covid in a court case in Indonesia, the plaintiffs in the case informed me that my page had recently been edited with the following section added:

The above statement was an outright lie. Note that the only reference provided (reference [16]) to support the claim was a Tom Whipple article in the Times (although note that no web link was provided) which misreprepresented a document from the HART Group.