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PhD Supervision


Current (as first supervisor)

  • Ciaran O'Flynn (Queen Mary, University of London) sponsored by Mars PetCare, since Sept 2021: “Applications of Adaptive Risk and Bayesian Networks to Pet Health”

  • Morghan Hartmann (Queen Mary, University of London), "Bayesian networks for improved diagnosis of chronic health conditions", since Sept 2019

  • Joshua Hunte (Queen Mary, University of London) part-sponsore by UK Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Office for Product Satefy Standards (OPSS)., "Risk assessment and perception for product safety", since Sept 2018

  • Jeinis Patel (Queen Mary, University of London), since Oct 2018, "Statistics and the Law"


Current (as second supervisor)

  • Pam Chaichanavichkij (Blizzard Institute) since Oct 2019

  • Yang Liu, since Sept 2019

  • Kiattikun Chobtham, since Sept 2019



  • Marianna Neves "Decision support for the diagnosis and management of chronic conditions using Bayesian Networks with a case study in Gestational Diabetes", Nov 2021 (I was second supervisor)

  • Omar Veduga (Queen Mary, University of London), "AI Learning in a Cognitive Architecture to Model an Artificial Player in Multiplayer Games", Awared Nov 2021 (I was second supervisor)

  • Ali Fahmi, "Decision-Support for Rheumatoid Arthritis Using Bayesian Networks: Diagnosis, Management, and Personalised Care", May 2021 (I was second supervisor)

  • Jiali Wang, "A Bayesian-Network-Based Framework for Risk Analysis and Decision Making in Cybersecurity” Awarded Sept 2021 (I was second supervisor)

  • Scott McLachlan (Queen Mary, University of London), (2017-2020), " Health Information Standardisation as a Basis for Learning Health Systems" Awarded Jan 2020

  • Haoyuan Zhang (Queen Mary, University of London), (2015-2019), "A Bayesian-Based Framework for Making Inspection and Maintenance Decisions from Data and Expert Knowledge" (I was second supervisor) , Awarded May 2019

  • Evangelina Kyrimi (Queen Mary, University of London), (2014-2018), "Bayesian Networks for Clinical Decision Making" (I was second supervisor) , Awarded Jan 2019

  • Stephen Dewitt (Queen Mary, University of London), (2013-2016), "Determining Effective Methods of Presenting Bayesian Problems to a General Audience", Awarded Sept 2016 (I was second supervisor) 

  • Eugene Dementiev (Queen Mary, University of London), (2011-2015), "“What's in a name? Intelligent Classification and Identification of Online Media Content", 2016

  • Nargis Pauran (Queen Mary, University of London), (2011-2016), "Bayesian Networks for the Clinical Decision-Support: Combining Observational Study Data with Domain Knowledge", Awarded Dec 2015 (I was second supervisor) 

  • Andriani Kalintiri (Queen Mary, University of London)  (2011-2015), "A Critical Analysis of Evidence Standards in EU Competition Enforcement" , PhD awarded Oct 2015

  • Zhou Yun, (Queen Mary, University of London,   Oct 2011-2015), " Incorporating expert judgement into Bayesian Network machine learning", PhD awarded June 2015

  • Daniel Berger  (Queen Mary, University of London,   2011-2015),  "Improving Legal Reasoning using Bayesian Probability Methods", PhD awarded May 2015

  • Peng Lin (Queen Mary, University of London, 2011-2015), "Performing Bayesian Risk Aggregation using Discrete Approximation Algorithms with Graph Factorization", PhD awarded Jan 2015 (I was second supervisor)

  • Barbaros Yet (Queen Mary, University of London, 2010-2014), "Effective Clinical Decision Support by Causal Models", PhD awarded March 2014 (I was second supervisor)

  • Anthony Constantinou (Queen Mary, University of London, 2009-2012), "Bayesian networks for prediction, risk assessment and decision making in an inefficient Association Football gambling market", PhD awarded Jan 2013

  • Victor Ogunsan (Queen Mary, University of London, 2008-2012) "Bayesian Networks in modelling clinical decision problems", PhD awarded April 2012 (I was second supervisor)

  • Adrian Joseph (Queen Mary, University of London, 2000-2011, "Simple low cost causal discovery using mutual information and domain knowledge", PhD awarded Oct 2011.

  • Milijana Fineman (Queen Mary, University of London, 2004-2010) "Improved large project risk analysis: Bayesian Networks Approach", PhD awarded Feb 2011

  • Vahid Khodakerami (Queen Mary, University of London), (2004-2008) 'Applying Bayesian Networks to model Uncertainty in Project Scheduling", PhD awarded March 2009

  • Lukasz Radlinski (Queen Mary University of London,  part-time), (2005-2008) 'Improved
    Software Project Risk Assessment Using Bayesian Nets', PhD awarded Nov 2008. This thesis was awared second prize in the Commission of  Master and Doctor Theses Competition, Scientific Society of Business Informatics.

  • Peter Hearty (Queen Mary, University of London), (2005-2008) Modelling Agile Software Processes Using Bayesian Networks', PhD awarded Nov 2008

  • Jose Gallan (Queen Mary, University of London) (2001-2006) 'Assessing organisational risk using Bayesian Networks', PhD awarded April 2008 (I was second supervisor)

  • Kate Finney (City University, part-time, 1995-1998) ‘Measurement for assessing formal specifications’, PhD awarded Nov 1998

  • Tracy Hall (City University, part-time, 1994-1998) ‘Managing the Implementation of Software Metrics’, PhD awarded Nov 1998.

  • Klaas van den Berg (University of Twente, 1991-1995), ‘Software Measurement and Functional programming’, PhD awarded June 1995

  • Martin Bush (South Bank University, 1991-1994) ‘A Conceptual Basis for Software Engineering Measurement’, PhD awarded February 1994

  • Richard Bache (South Bank, 1986-1991) ‘Graph Theory models in software engineering’ PhD awarded, January 1991

  • Margaret Myers (South Bank, 1987-1990), ‘Quality assurance of specification and design of software’, PhD awarded, January 1990

  • Robin Whitty (South Bank), 1982-1984: ‘Graph theory in the qualitative structural analysis of engineering systems’, PhD awarded, October 1984

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