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Best Buy Tv Wall Mount Service

Yes, you can mount a TV without studs using hollow wall anchors, which are used to hang objects on a wall, according to Digital Trends. However, these have limits. Make sure they can handle the weight of your TV.

best buy tv wall mount service

At TV Mounting Houston, we provide professional TV Installation Service and Home Theater Installation Services to residential and commercial customers in Houston, TX, and all surrounding areas. Mounting a TV can be challenging without the right care and equipment; that is where we come in! We can guarantee a safe mounting job without damaging your flat-screen TV. Our team is flooded with professional mounters and has never failed once. We make sure we hire and form the perfect group of people to guarantee nothing less than an ideal mounting job. Our services include mounting TVs wherever you desire. That can even be outside your home on the patio, in your bathroom, or even in your bar!

Without a doubt, we can provide TV mounts, HDMI cables, and all other necessary parts to finish the project. If you desire, we can also set up and mount your Sound Bar or your Home Theater System and mount your speakers on the wall or in the ceiling!

Today, most popular TVs are relatively low profile, making it possible to skip the bulky television cabinet and go with a sleek, wall-mounted look. TV wall mounts also save space, which can be a lifesaver in smaller rooms. However, shopping for a TV wall mount can be a challenge since there are many options to choose from. The best TV wall mounts come in three main types: flat, articulating, and tilt.

Flat TV wall brackets are the simplest -- they attach your television to the wall in a fixed position and don't move in any way. Then there are the articulating or full-motion TV mounts. They're capable of turning and swiveling to face other directions. Lastly, tilting TV brackets can be angled up or down, which can be useful when you're trying to avoid screen reflections or glare.

If you're looking for a full-motion mount that can tilt and swivel, USX Mount's model is strong enough to hold televisions up to 84 inches and 132 pounds. Plus, it extends as far as 16.49 inches from the wall and angles up to 45 degrees. The size allowances mean that even larger 4K TVs can be adjusted to face other areas of a room or tilt away from the irritating glare. Keep in mind that the range depends on the television itself. Larger televisions may not have as much clearance to swivel as smaller TVs, but the flexibility this full-motion TV wall mount provides is still worthwhile.

If you don't need a fully articulating TV mount, Mounting Dream's fixed wall bracket is a great option. Installation is simple and takes about half an hour using the provided hardware and directions. The TV snaps into place and can be unlocked for removal with no additional tools required. Plus, this TV bracket is the slimmest of all the models reviewed, jutting out only 1 inch. That small clearance can, however, make it difficult to access the back of the television when mounted.

One of the biggest issues when installing your own TV wall mount is the final look. Despite your best efforts, you may find that the television doesn't sit perfectly level, or it could have been better to hang a bit higher or lower. This can also be an issue when you're working with a full-motion bracket that may need extra adjustment when placed at a certain angle. Everstone's TV wall mount makes it easy to adjust the television after the fact by tweaking it a few inches higher or lower, or by angling the TV to seem eye-level.

It can be complicated to properly space wall studs where you want your TV to hand. It may end up hanging off-center, or away from your ideal location. In other instances, you may want to hang the television in a corner but having to mount the TV on two walls makes this impossible. This TV wall mount is unique -- the bracket itself is mounted vertically instead of horizontally, so you can take advantage of a single vertical wall stud.

Curved TVs are hugely popular but challenging to wall mount, because not all brackets are compatible with the TV's design. This model is extremely versatile and capable of working with flat and curved TVs up to 80 inches in size. Best of all, the fully articulating TV bracket can extend up to 16 inches and swivel and tilt for ultimate viewing flexibility, regardless of the type of television you choose to mount.

You may find that several of the best TV wall mounts in the roundup could work. How do you choose the right one? A flat-mount TV bracket is the simplest to install and typically the cheapest option. However, other types of TV wall mounts may be better, depending on your needs. There are a couple of considerations that can help you pick the best one.

Start with your television's size. While most wall-mounting kits cover many television sizes, it's good to know your TV's actual size before you order. Keep in mind that the television size isn't a simple measurement of the width of the television. TVs are classified by diagonal screen length instead. A 48-inch TV isn't 48 inches wide. Therefore, be sure to check your television's manual for sizing, or measure the screen diagonally, from one upper corner to the opposite lower corner, to know if the wall mount you're looking at is compatible with your TV size.

Next, consider the room's function and overall atmosphere. If it's a sunny room, you may want a tilting TV mount that allows you to adjust the screen a few degrees up or down to avoid reflective spots. In other situations, if the sitting area isn't directly in front of the television or the TV is shared between multiple zones, a full-motion or articulating TV wall mount may be a better option. Full-motion TV mounts are usually the most expensive but allow you to pull out and turn the television toward other spots for added viewing flexibility.

A quick search of the best TV wall mounts on Amazon delivers thousands of results. Creating a guide with solid suggestions takes some research. To narrow the broad list of available mounts, we performed a comprehensive search based on the following criteria:

One of the biggest concerns about hanging a TV is whether the wall can hold it, especially if you have drywall. To safely mount your TV to the wall, you'll need to attach the TV wall mount to wooden studs behind the drywall. Studs are part of your wall's structure, and they're sturdy enough to hold the weight of a television.

The best TV wall mounts come with a small stud finder that helps you find where the studs are located behind the drywall. In most cases, the stud finder is nothing more than a powerful magnet that can find the nails attached to the wall studs. Make sure you screw the TV wall mount into the studs to ensure it's securely attached to the wall.

VESA is the industry-standard way of measuring the distance between your TV's mounting holes to determine what type of TV wall mounting bracket will work. VESA size is measured in millimeters. To find a TV's VESA size, use a metric ruler or tape measure to measure the distance between the four holes on the back of the TV that create a box shape. The VESA dimension could be 600mm x 400mm, which means 600mm between the left and right holes and 400mm between the top and bottom holes.

Once I realized the potential I quickly started marketing the service on my website using the strategies that I teach in Handyman Marketing Machine. It worked, and in my second year in business, I made about $4,000 mounting TVs for new customers.

And there are other ways to easily boost profits. For example, you can buy TV wall mounts online for $20 and mark them up to $75 or $100 for a nice boost to the bottom line. You can do the same with HDMI cables and other parts as well.

I used an articulating wall mount that was beefy enough to hold this monster TV. Because of the size of the TV and the nature of it being somewhat custom, I charged a bit more. The total cost of this install was $460 ($190 for labor and $270 in materials).

It took about an hour and a half to install the TV, but I did have to spend some time shopping for the right TV wall mount before the install. That time shopping was easily covered by the markup on the mount and HDMI cables used, however.

Thanks for the information regarding TV wall mounts! My wife and I are really protective of our things and so we are really interested in a wall mount that not only looks great but will also protect our TV. We never knew that you need so many different kinds of materials to create it. Thanks again!

Informative Video, Buddy. Our technicians specialize in Soundbar wall mounting, and cable management and TV wall mount installation Melbourne are qualified to install all TV sizes regardless of how small or big but definitely, they will learn lot of useful information by Your Video.

The weight of your TV must not exceed 55 lbs. (25 kg). The wall must be capable of supporting five times the weight of your TV and wall mount combined.This product contains small items that could be a choking hazard if swallowed. Keep these items away from young children!

Installation instructionsSTEP 1- Determine whether your TV has a flat, irregular, or obstructed backCarefully place your TV screen face-down on a cushioned, clean surface to protect the screen from damages and scratches.If your TV has a table-top stand attached, remove the stand. See the documentation that came with your TV for instructions.Lay the TV brackets, oriented vertically, on the back of your TV.Align the screw holes in the TV brackets with the mounting screw holes on your TV.Identify which type of back your TV has:Flat back: The brackets lay flush against the back of your TV and do not block any jacks. You do not need spacers when assembling the wall mount.Obstructed back: The brackets block one or more of the jacks on the back of your TV. You need spacers when assembling the wall mount.Irregularly-shaped back: There is a gap between a bracket and some part of the back of your TV. You need spacers when assembling the wall mount. 041b061a72


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