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Slendytubbies 3 2.35: Everything You Need to Know Before Playing

Slendytubbies 3: A Terrifying Twist on a Childhood Classic

Do you remember the Teletubbies, the colorful creatures that entertained millions of children around the world? Well, forget everything you know about them, because they have been turned into horrifying monsters in Slendytubbies 3, a survival horror game that will make you scream and shiver. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this game, how to download and play it, and why you should give it a try if you are brave enough.

What is Slendytubbies 3?

Slendytubbies 3 is the fifth game of the Slendytubbies series and the third and the last installment of the main saga developed by ZeoWorks. Unlike Slendytubbies and Slendytubbies II, this game has a campaign mode, which tells the canonical events of the series, and more or less retcons the first two games. It also has a multiplayer mode, where you can play with or against other players in different maps and modes.

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A brief overview of the game and its features

Slendytubbies 3 is a game that combines elements of survival horror, item collecting, point and click, first person shooter, zombie survival, and sandbox. It is inspired by Slender: The Eight Pages, a popular indie game that features a faceless creature called Slenderman who stalks the player in a dark forest. In Slendytubbies 3, however, the main antagonists are corrupted versions of the Teletubbies, who have been infected by a mysterious virus that turns them into bloodthirsty killers.

The game has several features that make it unique and enjoyable, such as:

  • A rich and immersive story that spans across three chapters, each with different endings depending on your choices.

  • A variety of characters to play as or encounter, each with their own personality, abilities, and backstory.

  • A dynamic and realistic environment that changes according to the time of day, weather conditions, and events.

  • A stunning and detailed graphics that create a creepy and atmospheric mood.

  • A thrilling and suspenseful soundtrack that enhances the gameplay experience.

  • A challenging and unpredictable gameplay that requires strategy, stealth, and skill.

The campaign mode and its story

The campaign mode is the main mode of Slendytubbies 3, where you can follow the story of the game from different perspectives. It consists of three chapters: Chapter 0 - "It Was Good", Chapter 1 - "A New Day", and Chapter 2 - "The Journey". Each chapter has multiple endings depending on your actions and decisions throughout the game.

The story takes place in Teletubbyland, a fictional world where four creatures named Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po live happily together. However, one night, something goes terribly wrong when Tinky Winky becomes infected by a strange virus that turns him into a savage beast. He then proceeds to kill his friends one by one, leaving only Po alive. Po then meets The Guardian, a mysterious figure who claims to be an ally and guides her to find a way to stop Tinky Winky and save Teletubbyland. Along the way, Po will discover shocking secrets about her past, her friends, and her enemies.

The multiplayer mode and its modes

The multiplayer mode is the The multiplayer mode is the secondary mode of Slendytubbies 3, where you can play online with or against other players in different maps and modes. You can either join a public server or create your own private server with your friends. You can also customize your character's appearance, name, and voice.

The multiplayer mode has several modes to choose from, such as:

  • Collect: A classic mode where you have to collect all the custards scattered around the map while avoiding the infected Teletubbies.

  • Versus: A competitive mode where you can play as either a survivor or an infected. The survivors have to collect the custards or survive until the time runs out, while the infected have to hunt them down and kill them.

  • Sandbox: A creative mode where you can explore the map and interact with other players without any objectives or threats.

  • Infection: A cooperative mode where you have to work together with other survivors to fight off waves of infected Teletubbies.

  • Hide and Seek: A fun mode where you can play as either a seeker or a hider. The seeker has to find and tag all the hiders before the time runs out, while the hiders have to hide and avoid being caught.

How to download and play Slendytubbies 3?

If you are interested in playing Slendytubbies 3, you will need to download it from the official website of ZeoWorks. The game is free to download and play, but you can also support the developers by donating or buying merchandise from their online store. The game is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

The system requirements and the download link

Before you download the game, you should make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run it smoothly. Here are the system requirements for Slendytubbies 3:

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slendytubbies 3






Windows XP SP2+, Mac OS X 10.8+, Ubuntu 12.04+

Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz


nVidia GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600

2 GB available space

To download the game, you can click on this link and choose your preferred platform. The download size is about 1.5 GB, so it may take some time depending on your internet speed. Once the download is complete, you can proceed to install and set up the game.

The installation and setup process

To install the game, you will need to extract the zip file that you downloaded using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. Then, you will need to run the Slendytubbies 3.exe file and follow the instructions on the screen. You can choose where to install the game and whether to create a desktop shortcut or not.

To set up the game, you will need to launch it and go to the settings menu. There, you can adjust various options such as resolution, graphics quality, sound volume, language, controls, and more. You can also enable or disable fullscreen mode, vsync, shadows, and anti-aliasing. You can change these settings anytime during the game if needed.

The gameplay tips and tricks

To play the game, you can either choose the campaign mode or the multiplayer mode from the main menu. If you choose the campaign mode, you will be able to select a chapter and a difficulty level. If you choose the multiplayer mode, you will be able to join or create a server and select a map and a mode.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you enjoy the game more:

  • Use headphones and turn off the lights for a more immersive and scary experience.

  • Pay attention to the sounds and clues that indicate the presence of an infected Teletubby nearby.

  • Use your flashlight wisely, as it can help you see better in the dark but also attract unwanted attention.

  • Explore every corner of the map and look for hidden items, secrets, and easter eggs.

  • Use your sprint ability sparingly, as it can drain your stamina quickly and leave you vulnerable.

  • Work together with other players in multiplayer mode, as teamwork is essential for survival.

Have fun and don't take it Have fun and don't take it too seriously, as it is just a game after all.

Why should you play Slendytubbies 3?

Slendytubbies 3 is a game that offers a lot of entertainment and value for its price (which is zero). It is a game that will appeal to fans of horror, adventure, action, and comedy genres. It is a game that will challenge your skills, test


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